Sunday, March 27, 2011

whose kids are these?

Since I last posted just after Christmas so much has
been happening around our house. So much that I find myself
saying who are these boys? My little newborn
Hudson is .8 already!! He is all smiles and so full of
life and amazingly he is completely enthralled with his big brother-
which I'm astonished at considering how Carter is all boy and
seems to think Hudson wants to be his horsey, or at other times he thinks
he's a monkey and he pulls his ears to demonstrate it. But Carter has really
grown up I guess and he is becoming super verbal and helpful! He sings the ABC
song all day while he plays and still loves music! He is also obsessed
with his doodle board and loves having us write letters so he can name
them off. And I go when did this happen? How did we
go from animal noises and grunting to knowing the whole alphabet,
counting to ten, and saying please and thank you with out being told?
I can see that Hudson will soon move from rolling everywhere to army
crawling and before I know it he to will be talking my ear off, and I just
remind myself to cherish everyday because they sure go fast!

He loves hugging Lilly ... oh my:)

Hey Owen lets race...
Never mind let's just smile at the crazy lady with
the camera instead.

neigh and carter= fast friends

Helping bathe "brother"

Seriously what a ham:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Holidays

We had a great Christmas around our house!
I love Christmas time, especially when it snows!
We had a great time being with Carter and Hudson,
while Nick was on break! It snowed, we relaxed, played
and spent time with friends and family. Carter was
excited about everything this year- opening
presents he would rip open one and then say more

not because he wanted more toys just more ripping action...
it was the same thing with Christmas lights, we'd drive
by a house with lights and point it out and he'd say more!
He also really latched onto the story of Jejus as he
was calling him, and at Christmas eve service
he kept yelling Jejus and amen! Lately he
wont go to sleep without a prayer and it's so darn cute!
Hudson had been so giggly and had some quality
time napping with Daddy and hanging in the Bjorn with
Mom while she shopped or worked at Mango Ink cards!
I think part of the reason Christmas was so fun this
year was because we weren't so consumed with spending
and buying instead we did things simple and planned to spend
less so we could give more and in the midst of it we found
ourselves feeling really grateful for the community around us!
We hope your holiday was great and that your new year
is off to a great start!

Yep he's a prodigy- he's brushing his teeth at 5 months:)

I love these dog slippers!
'Owen and Hudson being buds!

Carter made poppa and gramy a calendar

Grandma D and Grandpa Rod
got him a humongous cuddly bear!

He's so smiley and giggly all the time!

Yep that's a bear hat!

We got a foot of snow and went sledding!
(yes that was a decoration but it actually works
so we can double dip on that one!)

Carter's new favorite- hiding in blankets

He can't wait for dad to open the guitar Colby got him!

Such a fun Christmas morning

Playing with the barn Santa brought him

The boys in their Christmas pj's

We did some baking with Grammy in the cute aprons
she made us!
Some of that Giggly goodness!
Carter trying out Daddy's new hat
made out of rain tarps!

Grammy & her boys

Finally Carter wanted to open the presents on his own!

Santa Came to the Young Life Party and
Carter was so excited!

Ready for Christmas round one!

Owen and Husdon wearing hats made by Lynn- of
course they are supporting the dad's
favorite teams!

Carter loves a snow snack!

In the car after our cold tree cutting adventure!

Nick was a trooper and cut down
our tree in 12 inches of snow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We love Fall

This year has been the perfect Fall in Spokane
we've had sunny hot days and sunny cool crisp days
with a little rain here and there which has been
perfect for playing with the boys!

One of those sunny warm days meant matching
outfits and carter pointing out hudson's nose.

The favorite balancing act

Enjoying swings at the park with Lilly!

It's the big potty training boy- but they are cuter
on his head!

Smiles from Hudson!

Pumpkin Carving with the girls from high school

oh yeah Carter got his fall haircut... mom with the number
8 clippers = not to shabby

Although I thought he looked like Frankenstein for a day
or two and in the spirit of Halloween called him that:)

Grammy's glasses make it all look funny!
Grammy with the boys!

We went to Knapps and Carter was obsessed with horses!

While Hudson was obsessed with the pumpkins!

The cousins came for a visit.. colby, brielle and the boys
had fun playing together and laying around together

boys will be boys- look straw!

Lilly turned two and carter and her sat for about 10 minutes
looking exactly like this- denial:)

snuggle times with dad after baths are the best!

Carter driving brother as he calls him


We love fall!